Small Group Tutoring

Register early — Groups fill quickly! With enough demand, we will open additional sessions of Small Group Tutoring.

Small Group Tutoring

Session 1: 7/31 — 8/2/17
Session 2: 8/7 — 8/9/17
Session 3: 8/14 — 8/16/17
Session 4: 8/21 — 8/23/17
Session 5: 8/28 — 8/30/17

Tutoring Includes

  • Small groups of 1-4 students
  • Assists students from kindergarten through 3rd grade in development of reading and math skills
  • Engaging and academic activities
  • One-on-one or small group activities

Tutoring at a Glance

  1.  Homework help
  2. Encourage higher level of thinking
  3. Enhance academic success

New exciting activities every session. Have fun in one session or all three!

Small Group Tutoring

Children will enjoy small tutoring groups focusing on the development of reading and math skills. We will offer engaging and academic activities with selected students either one-on-one or with small groups.

Whether joining our small group tutoring 1 day or all 3 days, students will love our small tutoring groups filled with engaging and stimulating activities designed to build their skills.

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