• Integrated – Literature, math, social studies, science, social-emotional development, creative arts, physical movement, health, and technology are integrated throughout the curriculum.
  • Standards-Based – Developmentally appropriate goals for children’s learning are based on state standards.
  • Systematic, Spiraled, and Scaffolded – Children move from simple concepts to advanced understanding through a continuum where skills and concepts are reviewed, revisited, and expanded.
  • Focused on Early Literacy – Children develop phonological and phonemic awareness skills and learn to apply them to phonics, concepts of print, comprehension, and writing.
  • Focused on Math – Direct instruction, center exploration, games, and activities provide a practical approach to applied math encountered in everyday life.
  • A Balanced of Instruction and Exploration – Direct instruction provides a framework to ensure that children receive target skills, concepts, and strategies. Learning Center and Exploration times provide children time and opportunity to explore and experiment with what they have learned.

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