Stacy Harmsen

I am so very excited to part of Cambridge Academy Family! My name is Stacy Harmsen, my husband, Ryan, and I share 5 children. We have lived in the Queen Creek/ San Tan Valley community for 8 years.  We are an active family, we love to be outside and are an active part of the Queen Creek community. I am a highly qualified and certified middle school English teacher.

Learning Philosophies:

As an educator, my role is to facilitate learning.  In my classroom, we work hard to accomplish and achieve mastery of our lessons.  My lessons are designed with carefully considerations to individual students within the class. My classroom is collaborative, engaging and flexible to allow learning for every student. I want every student to succeed!

Management Style:
For time to time students make a poor choice. When this occurs, I use love and logic principles in my classroom. The consequence relate to the occurrence.

I do not have rules, I have courtesies. Students are expected to show their cougar pride at all times!

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For a copy of this resume, please contact the front office.