About Hot Lunches

We are piloting a hot lunch program starting the week of August 14th through the first two weeks of September. It will be a test program and based on its success or lack of, we will make the decision to continue the program or go back to bring your own lunches. ¬†Lunches will be $3.00 and you will be able to pay below using a Debit or Credit Card. Please leave your child’s name in the “additional note to merchant” box. ¬†See example here.

For any questions, please let us know!

Purchase Hot Lunches

To purchase hot lunches for your child, click the image to the right.

  1. Enter how many lunches you will be buying in the Quantity box
  2. Indicate on the “additional note to merchant” your
    1. Child’s name
    2. For pizza Friday, if your child wants cheese or pepperoni pizza.

Any questions, please call us!